The Correspondence Pod allows merged emails, letters and documents to be added to your Metastorm BPM process. It includes a template creation wizard with HTML editor and PDF creation so that users can configure the correspondence without having to change the code.

With the Correspondence Pod you can ensure that emails, documents and letters produced by your BPM processes are exactly what your business requires.

Key Features

  • Create and maintain correspondence templates
  • Correspondence can be an email, letter or document
  • Create PDFs to print, email or save to attachments
  • Manage templates through a secure authorisation process
  • Email and letter creation are tested before releasing

Correspodence Management - A process extender for all Metastorm BPM implimentations

The ProcessTrack Correspondence Management pod helps process designers impliment extendable document generation for their processes where the content is managed by the business users.

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