Automate BPM testing with ProcessRunner

ProcessRunner 2.0 is an automated testing solution that can help an organisation avoid costly performance problems by detecting issues and bottlenecks within a Metastorm BPM system before it is released to a production environment.

ProcessRunner allows a user to create and run tests through a single Metastorm interface, which can also load-test processes. Users can automate the creation of thousands of folders, progressing them through the process map automatically when each test script is run. As the tests are executed, real-time metrics can be viewed to show their progress and any issues that arise. This helps an organisation to understand process problems at an early stage and is particularly useful for testing integration with external systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate process issues at an earlier stage
  • Identify process bottlenecks
  • Enable realistic load testing
  • Reduce time and cost of development

How ProcessRunner can help your Metastorm BPM Project:


During the development of any complex process, time can be saved by designing a set of test scripts that are available to run at any time. ProcessRunner will allow a user to create scripts that can test particular aspects of a system or perform complete load testing of a process. As with any implementation, testing with realistic volumes of data is key to ensuring that performance will not decline over time. ProcessRunner will allow a single user to create thousands of folders that contain realistic process data that are then driven through your processes automatically.

Using ProcessRunner will allow a developer or tester to set up complete end-to-end or partial tests that ensure that folders are available in a specific state without reported failures. Performance metrics, success indicators and failure details are available during and after each test run allowing errors and bottlenecks in the system to be detected.


A business process will often involve a number of users with different roles. Organising and delivering training on a new Metastorm system can be complicated by having to ensure that someone is present to participate in each role to drive each process instance forward. In these scenarios the trainer will often fill the gaps reducing the effectiveness of the training.

ProcessRunner allows realistic scenarios and data to be scripted in advance and will fill in for missing users by automating their actions. Scripts can be reused for future training courses.

Costs can be saved both in the preparation and delivery of the training and realistic and repeatable scenarios will improve the effectiveness of the courses.


Demonstrating a Metastorm application can be enhanced by configuring Process Runner to take live actions during a presentation. Data can be set up in advance and aged to illustrate reports and exception handling. Presentation scripting can greatly enhance any presentation to key business users.

Product Availability

ProcessRunner is available as a standalone product or as part of a project to develop or troubleshoot a Metastorm system.

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